Rapid Plate-96

General Description

A six-position automated liquid handler that is compatible with both 96 and 384 well microplates, designed for automating routine liquid transfer tasks used in molecular biology.

- Six-position capacity turntable
- Replicates four 96-well plates in <70 seconds
- Compatible with Both 100 MuL and 200 MuL rack and Nestable Caliper Certified disposable tips.
- Can operated as a stand-alone device or with software.
- Utilizes a 96-channel disposable tip head for dispensing to the six-position deck.
- Has two active locators, which index the plate on the x- and y-axis to access all quadrants of 384 well consumables

Zymark - Rapid Plate-96
Zymark - Rapid Plate-96
Item comes without controller or software.