PD 5206, 115 V

General Description

Peristaltic pump PD 5206, 115 V. Pump drive with analog and digital RS 232C interface for speed range setting, direction of rotation and start/stop function. 4-digit display for electronic speed settings. Electronic speed control with an accuracy of �0.5%. 4-digit display for electronic flow rate settings. 4-digit display for interval dosing and pause settings. Calibration of flow rate and flow volume. Microprocessor controlled drive. Flow rates of the pump heads combinated with the various tubing are saved in the program to enable direct digital readout of flow rate per minute in the display. In addition to the flow rate readout, pre-selecting a dosing volume is also possible. Interval dosing is done by entering a time interval. The filling and emptying of tubing can be accelerated by a push-button for maximum speed. Clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Stackable housing: 2 pump drives can be stacked. Flow rate from 1.6 to 3,644 ml per minute. Speed range from 24 to 600 rpm. Pump drive can be equipped with single-channel pump heads: SP quick, SP standard, SP vario.

Heidolph Instruments - PD 5206, 115 V
Heidolph Instruments - PD 5206, 115 V