Speed Vac Concentrator

General Description

A benchtop centrifugal evaporated used for efficient evaporation of solvents using a combination of centrifugal force, heat and vacuum, designed for the concentration of samples in aqueous solutions and/or low concentrations of non-aggressive organic solvents.

- Chemical resistant aluminum casted chamber provides long lasting durability against harsh solvents
- Controls: Rotor Off/Brake/On, Heater On/Off
- 1/2" ID rear vacuum connection
- Heater: Thermostatically controlled at 45°C with over temperature safety shutoff
- Drive: Permanent split capacitor AC motor, 1725 RPM

Savant - Speed Vac Concentrator
System includes the Speedvac concentrator with rotor, a refrigerated vapor trap, Welch 1405 vacuum pump and a DVG-50 vacuum gauge.
Savant - Speed Vac Concentrator