OpusXpress 6000A

General Description

Increase productivity and throughput with automated parallel experiments. Automated oocyte impalement. Computer-coordinated fluid delivery & data acquisition for 8 cells at once. Automated real-time analysis & cell viability monitoring. On-axis impalement to minimize membrane damage, for better quality data & longer-lasting experiments. Sophisticated fluidics standard with each system for greater flexibility. Robotic fluid delivery from 96-well compound plates. Continuous flow or fixed-volume additions available with user-selectable flow rates.

Axon Instruments - OpusXpress 6000A
Includes the following components: Schott DCR III, (3) Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pumps, Manostat 72-310-000, APC Smart-UPS 700, and 215 Synthesis Workstation Controller. Computer contains the following software: OpusXpress 1.1 (server version:; motor controller version: 1.18.1; amplifier version: 1.0.01)