Illumina BeadStation 500GX

General Description

The Illumina Beadstation 500 is a high performance benchtop system designed for genetic analysis, particularly single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping. It utilizes innovative engineering to create a platform that meets an array of application and throughput requirements with minimal input needs. High quality BeadArray technology provides the utmost in sensitivity thanks to a built in 30 fold redundancy and unparalleled quality control for every single feature on each array. Manual and automated processing is possible for both RNA- and DNA- based applications, and is made easy when the instrument is used in conjunction with liquid handlers and system software. For flexibility, the platform can be integrated with various other systems and robotics for meeting the requirements of many protocols.

Reliability and reproducibility are ensured thanks to the innovative scanner of the Beadstation. Additionally, sample throughput is adjustable. For gene expression (focused set), the unit can process 16 samples on one individual Sentrix BeadChip or 96 samples on a single Sentrix Array Matrix (SAM). For a 96 bundle matrix, processing times are as fast as 90 minutes or less. With a multiplex capability of as many as 1,536 plex, this system also provides great efficiency without sacrificing precision. Image resolution is less than one micron, and throughput can range from 16 to 192 (1536 SNP loci per array) per eight hour day for genotyping and 6 to 54 whole genome expression samples for gene expression. Minimal sample requirement (about 250 ng of DNA per assay for genotyping protocols and 50 ng to 100 ng total RNA for gene expression protocols) makes this system ideal for applications that use biopsies, fine needle aspirates, or preserved samples that are typically impossible to replace or are too low in quantity to meet the minimum input requirements of comparable instruments.


- Scan Field: 2mm x 2mm
- Resolution: < 1 micron
- Scan Time: < 90 minutes for 96-bundle matrix
- Laser – Excitation: 532nm and 635 nm dual laser excitation
- Emission Spectrum: 550-600 nm and 650-700nm
- Automatic image registration and data extraction, TIFF output with automatic image quality analysis
- Dynamic Range: 16 bit; 4 orders
- Limit of Detection: 2 fluor/μm2 or better

Illumina - Illumina BeadStation 500GX
Complete gene expression system from 2005 in excellent condition! Includes BeadArray microarray reader with anti-vibration platform, computer workstation and software as well as one Illumina high speed shaker, two Illumina shaking hybridization ovens, two SciGene Hybex microarray incubation systems and one SciGene Hybex microsample incubator.