General Description

The STX200 by LiCONiC is an automated plate handling incubation system designed specifically for applications in the research field. This CO2 incubator is an upright system that offers full robotic plate handling within its incubation chamber and complete access to all plates. It has the capacity to store up to 198 microtiter plates or 81 deep-well plates in either 96- or 384- well format. The STX200 contains nine removable stackers that each have twenty-two places for standard microplates, although stackers may be modified to hold half height or deep-well plates (eleven and seven, respectively). The integrated plate transfer mechanism is sensor controlled, and retrieval time for plates is quick and efficient, making this incubator ideal for high throughputs. Dependable, stable chamber conditions and flexible temperature and humidity ranges offer both reliability as well as versatility.

A large door at the front side of the incubator and a smaller, robotic access gate at the back offer optimal user access, and an automated security feature ensures that plates are only removable when conditions are safe to do so. This particular model is a standalone unit, with dimensions of 744 mm Width x 716 mm Depth x 1223 mm Height and a transfer height of 1000 mm.

Climate options of the STX200 cover the following ranges:

Incubator: ~33 – 50 C at > 95% Relative Humidity (RH) Humid Cooler: 04 - 20 C at 90 – 95% RH Dry Cooler: 04 - 20 C at <5% RH Humid Range: 04 - 70 C at 90 – 95% RH Dry Range: 04 - 50 C at <5% RH Dry Freezer: -20 C

Liconic Instruments - STX200-ICSA
Model STX 200 is an automated CO2 incubator featuring the following: Can store 198 of either 96/384 well & 81 deep well microplates. Has 9 removable stacks. Transfer station w/plate sensor. Turn Station. Automated robot door Temperature Range (�C): +33 to 45