BioPick BP800

General Description

A benchtop automated colony picking system used to build or manage bacterial libraries of many varieties.

- Uses a unique 3-dimensional rapid picking arm and highly accurate CCD camera/vision system to pick colonies from high-density plate sources.
- Can operate unattended with complete plate filling and lid handling on board
- Discriminates between blue/white, red/white, as well as clear plaques

- Can pick up to 10,000 colonies from one 22x22 cm source plate
- Designed with carefully integrated software and hardware, can handle the picking of most types of bacterial library
- Comprehensive ethanol and direct heat sterilization cleaning system
- Compatible with 24, 48, 96, 384 and 96 deep well plates
- Environmental cooling and HEPA filtration

BioRobotics - BioPick BP800
- Includes Grant LVF6 circulator, reagent handling/pumping station, computer station with monitor and software