Biomek FX

General Description

The Biomek FX, manufactured by Beckman Coulter, is an automated liquid handler designed to facilitate laboratory procedures. This multiaxis liquid-handling instrument gives labs walk-away functionality so that procedures can be carried out with ease and precision. Featuring an open-architecture design, the modular system is capable of incorporating a variety of components for handling protocols. Compatibility with such a variety of instruments means the system can accommodate current and future laboratory needs. This modularity makes the system valuable in many research atmospheres, particularly in drug discovery applications.

The Biomek FX is designed to handle a wide range of tasks in liquid-handling. The foundation of this versatility is a stainless steel deck that forms the work surface of the system. This deck is made up of three sections that are removable so as to accommodate external devices. By placing these devices on the workspace, they are accessible by the pod that performs handling tasks. Devices include a range of stackers, shakers, and vacuum manifolds among others. These allow variability in throughput and function of liquid-handling procedures. In addition to incorporating external devices, the deck is also designed with pre-drilled holes that facilitate the operation of automated labware positioners (ALPs).

This system can be equipped with either a single or dual pod configuration, with pods available in two options. The first of these options is the Span-8 pod. A series of eight probes is equipped to the pod, each able to perform a variety of liquid-handling functions independent of each other. Functions include liquid transfers from labware, as well as dilution, dispensing, and integration. Each of the eight probes can move independently in the Z-axis and be separated in a range of distances. The second option is a Multichannel Pod. This option is available in either a 96 or 384 channel head, making it best-suited for microplate replications or reformatting in high throughput applications. The pod is equipped with a plate gripper and uses interchangeable pipetting heads. Windows based software controls the operation of all liquid-handling procedures, as well as the operation of other integrated devices.

The numerous functions of the system make an equally abundant choice of applications available. While a popular use of the instrument is for drug discovery, applications in molecular biology, as well as other fields, are also possible. Such molecular biology applications include nucleic acid purification, sequencing and preparation of DNA libraries. The Biomek FX is capable of accomplishing these tasks as a stand-alone system or as part of a larger automated system.

Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
Price: $0
Includes accessories as pictured.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
Includes P200/96 multi-channel head.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX

Biomek FX Dual MC/SS
Dual-Arm System

  • New LLS/Detection board installed in 2015
  • New booster pump installed 2015
  • Last Beckman PM service was performed on June 2,2015
  • System Includes:

    • Multichannel Pod with P200 96-Channel 200 μL Head, P200/96
    • Span-8 Pod
    • Assortment of Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs)
    • AccuFrame framing tool
    • Windows XP computer loaded with Biomek Software 3.3.14.
    • Newport Vibration Control Table/Isolation System

    Miscellaneous Accessories:

    • FX Speed Pump
    • Biomek Valve Unit
    • FX Device Controller
    • Microplate Carousel Controller

    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Dual-Arm liquid handler
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Equipped with P20/96 head.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Price: $0
    Single-arm Biomek FX with P30/P384 multi-channel Dispensing Head, computer and monitor.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Single-arm Biomek FX includes computer and monitor.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    - Dual-Arm model.
    - P30 / P384 Multi Channel Head
    - Span 8 pod (as pictured)
    - AccuFrame tool for three-dimensional framing for increased positioning of lab-ware

    Includes computer, monitor, and FX Device Controller.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Dual-Arm model
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Complete Beckman Coulter Biomek FX laboratory automation workstation with Newport Anti-Vibration Table (29' x 29'). Equipped with 12-position deck and dual heads: 96-channel dispensing head and Span-8 dispensing head. Includes computer system with software, waste bottles, and large assortment of tips, parts and tools
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Includes computer, monitor and Biomek FX software. Equipped with Span-8 pipetting head. Stacker20 Carousel shown in photos is an available option upon request
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    This unit includes two Biomek Stacker Carousels, each with (4) FX Stacker 10.
    p/n 717001.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Model year 2007 BIOMEK FX with single arm 200ul 96 well head. Software has 384 quadrant off-set. Deck and ALPs included as shown in picture. Comes with computer and Biomek software. Stacker unit is included, Hotel stacker is 4 x 20
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Double arm BIOMEK FX with computer and Biomek FX software version 2.5e (Build 17). Mounted on two heavy duty anti-vibration tables. Includes the span 8 arm with 1000 ul syringes plus Options for one or both of the 96 well 200uL head AND 20ul head. Also available with (optional) Stacker carousel with 2x20 and 2x10.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Includes computers (2), manual, wash unit, and accessories as pictured.
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Price: $10,000
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX
    Price: $6,500
    Beckman Coulter - Biomek FX