24K Series Cryostorage System

General Description

The K Series CryoStorage Systems offer the reliability of liquid nitrogen storage from -100°C to -196°C combined with the convenience of solid-state automatic controls, easy accessibility to stored product, and dependable performance at cryogenic temperatures. The unique Temperature Gradient Suppression System greatly improves vapor phase temperature storage and recovery. Add to this the modern caster-mounted cabinet, the all-stainless steel cryogenic vessel, recessed electronic touch controls, modular design, under-the-lid temperature read-out, control options, and the K Series Cryogenic Storage System provides reliable, convenient and economical storage of biological samples. 365 L LN2 capacity. (2mL) vial capacity 24K.

Taylor-Wharton - 24K Series Cryostorage System
Taylor-Wharton - 24K Series Cryostorage System
Internal Racks not included.
Taylor-Wharton - 24K Series Cryostorage System