Pharmaceutical Grade Clean Room

General Description

Modular Clean Room, Class 100 to 100,000 - about 5000 sq ft. Iso Class 5-7.

Terra Universal - Pharmaceutical Grade Clean Room
Please see pictures and diagrams for more information, and contact Mike at BioSurplus, 1-858-550-0800, x202
Terra Universal - Pharmaceutical Grade Clean Room
Clean Room Inventory • Filters (all 4ft x 2ft panels) o 5x Clean Room Products, Inc. Model 5020139 o 1x Aerostar CP-04 o 3x Astrocel II • Lights o 13x Cooper Lighting 4 bulb boxes, 4ft x 2ft o 3x Other 4 bulb boxes, 4ft x 2ft o 17x light box panels, 4ft x 2ft o ~50x yellow and orange fluorescent bulb sleeves • Roof Panels o 23x 6 slot frames, each slot is 4ft x 2ft o 1x 10 slot frame, 5x 4ft x 2ft slots, 5x 2ft x 2ft slots • Doors o 2x 4ft wide, yellow window o 2x 4ft wide, clear window o 2x 4ft wide full yellow vinyl o 2x 3ft wide, orange window • Wall Panels o ~50 assorted vinyl panels with frames, mostly yellow or orange coloured  Majority of the panels are 7ft x 4ft. • Structural Beams. o 7x 20ft ceiling beams. o Various wall beams, some with power outlets.