General Description

i-MyRun.N is a novel and innovative electrophoresis system including power supply, gel electrophoresis tank, and gel casting system. The CBJ-IMR-201-EX power supply automatically switches over the control parameter according to the programmed limits and conductivity variations in the system. Two electrophoresis units can be connected to the CBJ-IMR-201-EX and run simultaneously with the same programmed method. One program can be saved (last setting). The tank lid is equipped with slits to allow electrophoretic patterns to be easily observed and to optimize heat dissipation. The tank and power supply are easily set up using one-touch connectors. It is available to run the 96-well plate format, a maximum 156 samples, or the maximum run length of 18.5 mm. The gel casting system (gel size: 124 (W) x 120 (L) mm) includes a unique UV transparent tray (greater UV transparency for higher sensitivity), a sample loading guide for multichannel handling of 6 combs and 26 wells (volume 9 µR). On the other hand, you can use 13 wells (volume of 18 µR) if necessary.

Cosmo Bio - i-MyRun.N