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Leica - MZ6 Stereo Microscope
Leica - MZ6 Stereo Microscope
Includes JH Technologies light source. Has 10x/21B eyepieces
Leica - MZ6
Eyepiece: 10X/21; Objective: 0.63-4.0. Includes Schott-Fostec light source, s/n 85383.
Leica - MZ6 Stereo Microscope
Objectives: U PlanFLN 4X/0.13 UPlanFLN 10X/0.3 U PlanFLN 20X/0.50 UPlanFLN 40X/0.75 PlanApo 60X/1.42 Oil Includes - BX51 TF stand U-TR30-2 Trinocular Tube (2) WHN10X/22 Eyepieces U-D6RE 6 Place Nosepiece with slot for DIC/Simple POL U-SVRB-4 Right Hand Mechanical Stage U-HLST-4 Specimen Holder U-AC2 Abbe Condenser U-LH100 12V, 100W Lamp House HBO 100W Mercury Lamp House HBO 100W Power Supply Dust Cover QImaging Retiga-2000RV Cooled 12Bit Monochrome CCD Camera, Firewire, 2.0MP CRI Liquid Crystal Device in Slider Lenovo ThinkCenter Computer and Monitor and Q Capture Suite X64 Software