Fluostar Galaxy

General Description

The Galaxy is a fully automated microplate based multi-detection reader which incorporates four different measurement principles: Fluorescence Fluorescence Intensity Time-Resolved Fluorescence Absorbance • Ca2+ Measurements (e.g. Ca2+ Flux with Fura-2 or Indo-1) • Enzyme Activity • Cell Toxicity, Proliferation and Viability • ATP Quantification • Immunoassays By integrating a high intensity xenon flash lamp and liquid light guide technology, the Galaxy can cover the wavelength range from 250 to 740 nm in Absorbance. The Galaxy can read plate formats of 96-well plates in all measurement modes. Top-to-bottom readings. Incubation Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 45°C. Endpoint, slow and fast kinetic measurements Kinetic applications can be defined, with interval times from 100 ms to several hours. In addition, there is the possibility to measure where it is important in a kinetic study. Multi-color detection The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 8 sets of filter, each with individual gain and measurement timing parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (FRET, dual-emission, DNA-detection).

BMG Lab Tech - Fluostar Galaxy
Includes software CD: FLUO 32, version "3.02-0." Includes the following filters (listed by position on filter wheel): Excitation: 1) EX320; 2) EX390; 3) 485 P; 4) EX544; 5) ABS405; 6) ABS450; 7) ABS492; 8) ABS620; Emission: 1) EM405; 2) EM460; 3)520 P; 4) EM590.
BMG Lab Tech - Fluostar Galaxy