Mercury 300

General Description

The Mercury 300 Mhz is a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer manufactured by Varian that is designed for rapid spectra experiments. The Oxford 300 Mhz is a gradient compensated, unshielded magnet. The superconducting solenoid adds efficiency by utilizing low-loss liquid nitrogen and helium dewar. Detection options are available for 1H, 19F, 13C, and 31P spectra. While this instrument is capable of accommodating standard 1D, 2D, and 1H detection 2D experiments, it is ideally suited for quick 1D spectra experiments. Such rapid applications are well suited for the instrument because, while it lacks the sophistication necessary for multi-dimension experiments, it is capable of rapidly and efficiently producing more basic spectra for samples. There are a range of features that make this NMR instrument easy to use, including being optimized for walk-up operation. Although the instrument lacks the specificity for the most complex applications, it is still valuable for applications in academia, government, and biotech labs.

The basic build of the Mercury 300 is that of most NMR systems, consisting of (1) a computer system, (2) a magnet and magnet console interface, and (3) an NMR console. What makes this system so valuable is a high level of modularity and flexibility that allows it to meet the specifications of any application a lab may need it to accommodate. This system can operate on proton frequencies of 200, 300, and 400 MHz, capable of meeting the experimental requirements of any lab. Preamplifiers of the magnet-console interface include highband preamplifiers that set the foundation for sensitive reading of standard 1H and 19F spectra. There are also high sensitivity broadband preamplifiers that, while sensitive to 13C nuclei, can be tuned to analyze a broader range of nuclei. Extensive and sensitive performance capabilities combined with modularity allow the user to system to adapt to any application.

Other features of the system include a two channel RF system. This RF system has a linear, high dynamic range and executes observe, decouple, and pulse functions as standard. These are accomplished by rf energy irradiating the sample, detecting the NMR signal from the sample, and then digitizing that signal so that the computer system can store and analyze it. The NMR console is also capable of a variety of support functions, like integrating multiple modules such as a variable temperature controller. Other capabilities include 2H lock with highly sensitive quadrature detection. This detection is frequency shifted, making the system capable of eliminating zero frequency and quadrature artifacts. All features combine to create a real time data acquisition system.

Varian - Mercury 300
Complete Varian Mercury 300 MHz NMR system.

Includes: MERCURY Console and Ultra 10 Sun Microsystems User Interface - using Sun OSRelease Version 5.8, with Oxford 300 MHz unshielded magnet.

Varian 300 13C/15N/31P PFG probe & Varian 300 13C/31P/15N ID/PFG probe.

Filter Kit includes: 135 MHz filter PCB, carton filter kit, 45 MHz Band pass filter, Filter BP 67.5 - 82.5 MHz, FHR. BP 26.6 - 34.2 MHz,Filter 1H HI PASS Bore diameter (for probes) is ~44mm.
Varian - Mercury 300
Complete 300 mHz NMR system. Includes: MERCURY 300 Console with Oxford magnet. Helium probe and level meter. 54 mm Bore Magnet with 1H/19F/13C/31P 5mm PFG AutoSwitchable probe. Sun Ultra 10 workstation, Sun monitor, and HP LaserJet 6 printer.
Varian - Mercury 300
Mercury 300 NMR Spectrometer. New in 2002. Includes: MERCURYplus 300 High Resolution Console. Broadband RF System. 54 mm Bore Magnet. 14 Channel Shims. Helium probe and level meter. 200/300/400 NB/WB Z-PFG Upper Barrel. Phase modulator. Variable temperature module. Performa I Pulsed Field Gradient Module. Automated Deuterium Gradient Shimming Module. 1H/19F/13C/31P 5mm PFG AutoSwitchable Probe, VT, 300NB. Sun Blade Workstation w/ 21