General Description

The BMG LabTech RUBYstar is a high performance, multimode microplate reader. This time resolved fluorescence (TRF) microplate reader is ideal for both assay and screening applications in a variety of molecular studies. Excitation of either europium chelate or cryptate fluorophores via high energy nitrogen laser (337 nm) is utilized to detect highly sensitive time resolved fluorescence by demonstrating long fluorescence lifetimes (in the range of several hundred microseconds), large Stoke’s shifts, and intensive fluorescence peak profiles (at a wavelength of 620 nm). With this technique, the signal to noise ratio is increased and backgrounds are reduced, ensuring sensitivity and precision. The platform can accommodate plates with varying formats (up to 384 wells) and offers measuring times in the range of 55 seconds to 130 seconds for 96-well plates and 170 seconds to 475 seconds for 384-well plates at five and 20 flashes, respectively.

The BMG LabTech RUBYstar plate reader employs a detection system that offers single photon counting and a lens-based, dual-channel photomultiplier for simultaneous dual emission (at 620 nm and 665 nm) to generate faster read times. Measurements may be taken by means of either top reading mode or a real-time ratio mode for ratiometric measurements, and even samples with low reagent concentration can be read due to the highly sensitive nature of the instrument. The system also features a detection mode for decay curve monitoring (with a 2 us resolution) for optimal flexibility. This ergonomic unit is designed for efficiency, and its compact size (44 cm width x 48 cm depth x 30 cm height) means it fits well onto any benchtop.

BMG Lab Tech - RUBYstar
BMG Lab Tech - RUBYstar
The RUBYstar is a TR-FRET/HTRF Microplate Reader. Comes with computer/software, and plate stacker system.