General Description

CCS Packard PlateWash 96/384 PWS00011. A automated microplate washing system for washing 96 and 384-well SBS-standard microplates. A small footprint device capable of performing many common coated well procedures, such as ELISA and cell-based assays. Uses interchangable manifolds. Manifold needles feature a fused probe design – one aspirate and one dispense probe. Easy-to-use graphical interface with membrane keypad programming to define, edit and store wash programs and plate types. User definable parameters include variable dispense height, speed, pressure, volume and soak time, with storage for up to 40 routines and 10 plate definitions. Connections for buffer/reagent bottle assemblies. Dispense Precision: 5% CV @ 60 µl saline buffer solution. Dispense Volume: 10 µl – 9990 µl. Dispense Pressure: 1 psi – 19.9 psi. Residual Volume: 5 µl (for 96-well plate). Dimensions: 12.6”H x 8.8”W x 18.5”D.

Packard - PWS00011