1600 TR

General Description

A liquid scintillation analyzer is designed for quantitative detection of beta radiation, other forms of nuclear radiation, and various types of luminescence from tagged samples.

- Used to detect beta and gamma emitting isotopes such as 3H, 125I, 14C, 35S, 45Ca, 51Cr, 33P and 32P
- Detector consists of two opposed bi-alkali high performance photomultiplier tubes coupled to an optical chamber
- Discriminates background radiation using multichannel pulse height analysis and time-resolved liquid scintillation counting (TR-LSC)
- Shielding consists of a light-tight detection chamber, magnetic shielding and 2” lead sheath
- Provides printed record of all measurements
- Computer-controlled, cassette-loaded, automated bidirectional sample changer
- Sample capacity of up to 408 larger or 720 small vials
- Batch definition, data accumulation, and real time display of all counting results
- Programmable RS-232C interface for data output

Packard - 1600 TR
Has a sample capacity of up to 408 larger or 720 small vials.