Centra CL3R

General Description

Capacity: 1L (4 x 250mL). Maximum speed/force: 8500rpm/7350xG. Variable speed control in 50rpm increments. Unit memory saves/locks up to 99 run parameters for instant recall. Temperature control from -9° to +40°C in 1°C increments. Rapid cooling feature cools chamber from 20°C to 4°C in seven minutes.

Thermo IEC - Centra CL3R
Comes with rotor for 96 well plates
Thermo IEC - Centra CL3R
Comes without rotor. Rotor sold separately.
Thermo IEC - Centra CL3R
Comes w/o Rotor, but has multiple bucket adaptors, total of nine(9) as shown in pictures. Quantity of Adaptors in parenthesis for tube sizes: 50 ml (4), 15 (3), and a smaller tube size (2). Also includes the aerosol lids, total of four (4).