General Description

The Huttlin Unilab-005-TJ Granulator is a laboratory mixer designed with fluidized-bed spraying for a variety of laboratory applications. This instrument is capable of mixing, coating, granulating, and drying functions for laboratory and pilot scale batches ranging from 0.2 kg to 6 kg. This unit is designed to optimize development and processing, providing fast and efficient execution of both. The the system is freestanding, and operates individually. For convenience, it can be freely moved at any time. All functions and protocols are controlled through an operating panel, lending itself to a wide range of applications in drug discovery and process engineering.

Mixing is executed by trademarked turbojet (TJ) flach. Specifically, this model turbojet is a fluid bedbottom Diskjet, uniquely designed to prevent product from sticking to the sides of the mixing vessel. The unit is equipped with a three-component spray nozzle for ensuring the homogeneous mixing that is necessary for stable and reproducible processes. With such constant conditions for spraying, even the most complex and demanding processes can be executed with reliable coating and layering. This reliability means that the more demanding the requirements of an application are, the more value this unit holds. Additionally, a pneumatic discharge valve that allows for efficient transfer of materials and a dynamic filter system that speeds mixing help to create optimal conditions in the vessel.

Huttlin - Unilab-005-TJ
Laboratory and pilot scale Fluid Bed mixer/granulator/dryer for batch sizes ranging from 0.2 to 5 kg. Mobile unit with operating panel Process air equipment and circuit cabinet with integrated PLC for separate installation Diskjet� Three-component spray nozzle Dynamic filter Pneumatic discharge system