Sartocon2 Plus Benchtop Crossflow System

General Description

The Sartocon 2 Plus Benchtop is a basic cost effective Crossflow filtration system for small to intermediate scale Micro and Ultrafiltration pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The Sartocon 2 Plus Benchtop is mainly used in Process Development laboratories and Pilot plants to run small production and clinical lots. The system is designed for membrane areas of 0.4 to 2.5 m2 but can accommodate up to 10 Sartorius Sartocon Cassettes. The Sartocon 2 Plus Benchtop is supplied complete with a tank, CIP sprayball, sanitary diaphragm valves , temperature and pressure gauges. The design and engineering of the system is equivalent to a large scale production system. Sartocon filter cassettes utilize a parallel leaf design which provides the user with linear scale-up and predictable performance for future production needs. Therefore, the flow characteristics of a 5 square foot system are the sames as the flow characteristics of a 500 square foot system. Sartorius offers standard systems like the Sartocon Benchtop as well as custom designs for laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing. Sartocon Benchtop System Advantages Compact foot print means you can locate the system almost anywhere Low operating volumes let you concentrate to < 1L Sanitary design makes this system ideal for cGMP production Low point drain facilitates recovery all of your product Integrity test port provides quick confirmation of the system's "ready status" Every unit is designed for easy cleaning in place

Sartorius - Sartocon2 Plus Benchtop Crossflow System
In credible deal: manufactured in mid 2007 and is in practically new condition! PN: U1-SYS17546BT1P3.