Physio 22 Pump

General Description

The PHYSIO 22 Pump delivers high accuracy, pulseless flow with no electrical noise to interfere with the sensor signal while performing physiological analyses. This specialty pump is based on our legendary Syringe Pump 22, but with a special toroidal transformer designed for minimum EF. This new transformer cuts electrical noise so that it is almost non existent. The electrical noise difference between our standard pump 22 and this new model is quite dramatic. Standard pumps generate a magnetic field which will induce a current into the conductive media coming out of the syringe. This will create noise in the biological reading/recordings. With the new PHSIO 22, even the most sensitive sensors will not show a noise spike. With the new toroidal transformer the noise disappears completely. These types of applications are particularly sensitive to electrical noise and therefore would benefit tremendously by using our new PHYSIO 22 Syringe Pump. Some basic specifications are listed on this page. For complete details and specifications on this pump please see the Pump 22 Syringe Pump. This pump is currently available as infusion only with standard 2-syringe rack. An infuse/withdraw model is available by special order. Please call for details. A spurious electromagnetic signal was recently found within the design of the Physio 22 which allowed the introduction of a small 50/60 Hz signal into a shielded environment. In particular, a small transformer within the Physio 22 generated an electromagnetic field which was sensed by an adjacent perfusion line. The problem was corrected by replacing the offending transformer with one incorporating toroidal architecture. This change in design successfully contains the stray electromagnetic field and renders the device electrically silent. Specifications Back to Top Specifications 702222 # of Syringes 2 Accuracy 0.35 % Depth English 5.5 in Depth Metric 14 cm Flow Rate Maximum 55.1 ml/min Flow Rate Minimum 0.002 µl/hr Height English 11 in Height Metric 28 cm Net Weight English 10 lbs Net Weight Metric 4.5 kg Pump Function Infusion Only Reproducibility 0.5 % Syringe Rack Type Standard Rack Syringe Size Maximum 140 ml Syringe Size Minimum 0.5 µl Type Microprocessor 2-syringe, infusion only Voltage Range 95 to 130 VAC, 60 Hz; 220 to 260 VAC, 50 Hz, selectable Width English 8.75 in Width Metric 22.2 cm

Harvard Apparatus - Physio 22 Pump
Harvard Apparatus - Physio 22 Pump