HMS760 Robot Autostainer

General Description

The HMS 760 Robot Autostainer, manufactured by Microm International, is an automated staining machine that provides high throughput and flexibility. High throughput is supported by automated features. The HMS 760 comes with multiple reagent stations, each with their own individual covers. During the execution of staining protocols, covers are automatically lifted and transferred. Ease of use also comes from the fact that opening of the hood is unnecessary for loading and unloading samples, allowing for continuous slide loading. Capable of supporting a large and varied workload, this instrument is well-suited to support histological and cytological laboratories in research and routine applications.

Flexibility is created not only from the number of reagent stations, but also from a multiprogram feature. Equipped with such a feature, the HMS 760 can run several staining programs on one slide stainer. Additionally, specimen agitation can be controlled at the individual stations level to increase versatility. A ventilation system built into the hood increases cleanliness by providing an effective means of air purification. Dimensions are approximately 48”(D) x 29”(W) x 22”(H).

Microm - HMS760 Robot Autostainer
Acrylic glass cover w/ filtered downward ventilation. Up to 36 stations. System does not include controlling computer. Laptop computer may be available from Thermo Scientific part #614270.