FastPrep FP120

General Description

The FastPrep Instrument can simultaneously lyse up to 12 samples with its patented vertical, angular motion. This rapid, reciprocating figure-8 is unique to the FastPrep Instrument, and causes a sample to be pulverized by specialized lysing matrices from multiple directions at once. The FastPrep Instrument fits anywhere on the benchtop and is simple to operate. First, samples and buffer are added to impact-resistant 2 ml tubes pre-filled with specialized lysing matrix particles. The user places between 1-12 tubes into the sample holder and easily secures them with locking clamps. Digitally program speeds between 4-6 meters per second and times up to 45 seconds and press RUN. With hardly any noise and in no time at all, the FastPrep Instrument and lysing matrix homogenize your sample while you wait.

Thermo-Savant - FastPrep FP120