General Description

More than 600 lines of horizontal resolution IzzitOn compatible when used with SVO-9500MD the light illuminates to indicate VCR recording (requires SME-PVMSTATSVO cable) knob control-brightness contrast aperture phase chroma and volume on-screen menus (5 languages) RGB split screen splash-proof panels Super Fine Pitch Trinitron tube with 0.25 mm aperture grille pitch for superior picture quality more than 10mHz RGB bandwidth multi standard system (NTSC and PAL) Beam Current Feedback System provides stable color underscan overscan and normal scan modes inputs RGB (2 channels) Y/C and composite video digital RGB compatible (CGA only) built-in speaker for audio monitoring UL-2601-1 classified Y/C loop-through (4-pin mini DIN connector).

Sony - PVM-1353MD