General Description

The DXC-950P is a 3 CCD color video camera incorporating a 1/2" IT CCD with Power HADâ„¢ technology (380,000 effective picture elements). The DXC-950P attains a high sensitivity of F9.5 at 2000 lux while the improved HAD sensorâ„¢ structure reduces smear level by 20dB. This permits pictures of the highest quality to be captured in difficult lighting conditions. Featuring 750 TV lines and a S/N Ratio of 60dB, the DXC-950P is sure to satisfy the critical demands of industrial video users. PAL video format. Frame rate: Up to 25 fps in full resolution. Interlaced scanning format (50Hz). Composite , Y/C (S-video) and RGB outputs. Electronic shutter speed: up to 1/10, 000 second.

Sony - DXC-950P
For TopCon TRC-50IX.