Clone Zone

General Description

Clone Zone® acrylic nucleic acid workstation with timer controlled UV light. Minimize the risk of contaminating PCR or other reactions with Clone Zone® enclosed workstations. The Clone Zone® provides a clean working area and protects sensitive reactions from airborne contaminants often present in the lab. A timer operated (up to 30 minutes) UV light neutralizes micro-organisms and degrades extraneous DNA to reduce formation of unwanted products. Hinged, side-mounted doors give easy access to the interior, and a rear door and side power cord ports let you use small lab equipment inside the chamber. Made from 1/2" thick acrylic. 110 V, 50/60 Hz. Timer-controlled UV light turns off automatically Sensors turn off UV light when front doors are opened Fluorescent light illuminates the work space Ideal for any experiments which require a clean working area.

USA Scientific - Clone Zone
USA Scientific - Clone Zone