Procise 494

General Description

The Procise Protein Sequencing System is the gold standard for chemical protein sequencing and protein identification. It delivers picomole sensitivity with a simple load-and-go set-up. Designed for unattended operation overnight or over-the-weekend with self-monitoring sensors. Full automation and liquid sensors allow easy optimization with verified reagent deliveries. Multiple sample cartridges facilitate 24/7 operation, allowing sequencing of as many as 1,000 proteins per year. Optimized sequencing chemistry allows complete sequencing of small proteins such as toxins and chemokines. Compatible with proteins and peptides prepared from a variety of sources, such as HPLC separation, PVDF blotting following electrophoresis, and peptide synthesis. Turn-key operation allows for walk away operation. Performance: Sequencing Repetitive Yield of 10 picomole of beta-lactoglobulin A for the firs 15 residues is 94% or greater when using Leu, lle, and Val for the calculation. Throughput: Up to 1,000 proteins per year.

Applied Biosystems - Procise 494
Comes with ABI 140D Microgradient Delivery system and Perkin Elmer Series 200 UV/Vis detector.
Applied Biosystems - Procise 494
Includes Perkin Elmer 200 detector, ABI 140C microgradient pump, PE Detector, and Apple G3 computer loaded with software. Complete 4 chamber system for high throughput sequencing