FACSVantage SE

General Description

The Becton Dickinson FACSVantage SE is a high performance cell sorter. This system is designed for excellent flexibility, productivity, and convenience. It is driven by a novel optical system for collecting images at the highest resolution with unparalleled sensitivity. It can feature up to three lasers. The ability to explore varied subsets is possible with this multicolor analysis capability, and fluorescence can be measured for up to six colors per cell. An optical design that minimizes the need for either electronic compensation or optical components means that the unit is incredibly sensitive within a range of < 200 Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluoerscein (MESF), and also offers improved signal discrimination. Optional pulse processing technology allows for the assessment of detector pulse parameters, such as ratio, area, and width; using this upgrade enables further investigation into applications such as DNA doublets and calcium flux measurement. Mixed gas, argon ion, and other air and water cooled lasers are also available for superior adaptability in meeting the constantly changing requirements of many labs.

Automated setup provides convenience as well as efficiency, with the ability to define, program and store experimental protocols within the unit’s memory so that more time can be spent on valuable research. This automation also gives the added benefit of consistency and reproducibility, even in multi-user environments. Data acquisition and management are controlled via BD FACStation hardware and CellQuest software for streamlined data management, with the ability to use as many as nine real time windows for analysis. This level of efficiency is further enhanced by the comprehensive engineering of the FACSVantage SE, which ensures reliability, safety, and adaptability. The ergonomic design of the platform adheres to compactness while maintaining a high degree of power and robustness. Further, the needs of every application are met thanks to system architecture that ensures easy upgrading and integration.

For advanced cell sorting, the FACSVantage SE provides a number of different options. In addition to multi-laser excitation, this system also features non rectangular sorting gates. The TurboSort Plus option utilizes multiple laser beam excitation to analyze and sort cells at a rate of 25,000 events per second, providing fast processing times. Larger cells can be sorted with MacroSORT Plus option, and the CloneCyt Plus option gives the ability to allocate a predetermined number of cells onto slides, into microplate wells, or various containers for improved well to well access with the utmost precision. With this wide range of capabilities, the FACSVantage SE is suitable for sorting applications that involve bacteria, chromosomes, plant cells and many other sample types.

All of these features ensure that the Becton Dickinson FACSVantage SE provides superior versatility, making it an ideal platform for applications such as genetics, kinetics, and multicolor analysis among others.

Becton Dickinson - FACSVantage SE
Has two lasers, a 488nm and 632nm. The 488nm is a diode laser, iCyt LYT-200 S (488nm) with adjustable power levels from 20-200 mw, comes with it's own computer to control it. The 632nm (red) Spectra Physics 127 He/Ne laser. Mac G3 computer that has Modfit LT 2.0 software available. Large Jun Air compressor also comes with it. Some BD FacsVantage manuals and CellQuest 3.2.1 software on discs.
Becton Dickinson - FACSVantage SE
Note - currently does not have a computer, we are working on acquiring one. Equipped with FACSDiVa option

System includes 3 lasers: Spectra-Physics 127 (632nm He-Ne), Coherent Innova 70C Spectra (647/547/488nm Ar-Kr), and Coherent 190C-5 (514/488nm Ar).
Becton Dickinson - FACSVantage SE
FacsVantage SE Turbosort with a Coherent Enterprise II laser and a Spectra Physics 127 laser. Complete system, can sort into 96 well plates as well. Software includes: Cell Quest Pro, Ver 5.2, 2004 CloneCyt Plus, Ver 4.2, 2004 FACSComp, Ver 5.2, 2004 FACS Loader, Ver 4.2, 2004 Multiwell Plate Manager, Ver 4.0, 2004 Plate Manager, Ver 1.0, 2004 FACStation, Ver 5.2, 2004
Becton Dickinson - FACSVantage SE
High performance, high speed cell sorter. Two Coherent Innova 300 multiwavelength lasers, visible/UV. Turbo Sort Option. CloneCyt & Pulse Processor G3 workstation. Multiple optical filters and ceramic nozzles.
Becton Dickinson - FACSVantage SE
High performance, high speed cell sorter. Two Coherent Innova 300 multiwavelength lasers, visible/uv. Turbo Sort Option. CloneCyt & Pulse Processor G3 workstation. Multiple optical filters and ceramic nozzles.