General Description

The Leica DM LB is a Research Grade Upright Microscope offering Superior Stability and Excellent Image Quality for Digital Imaging. It can be equipped to perform almost any optical technique. This particular instrument is set up for High Quality Imaging of Epi-Fluorescence and Transmitted Light Brightfield. It has 3 Oil Immersion Objectives for different applications and a 10X objective with sufficient working distance allowing you to switch to a lower power without risking dipping a dry lens in Immersion Oil. Illumination for Epi-fluorescence is provided by an X-CITE series 120 Illuminator. It has a special lamp that never requires alignment and averages 2000 hours of use. An Iris Diaphragm is incorporated to control light intensity. Light is delivered to the microscope via a liquid Light Guide and microscope adapter/collimator (broken, requires replacement.) An Orca- ER Cooled 12 Bit Monochrome camera provided excellent low light level imaging with minimal noise. Hamamatsu Imaging Software is included. Purchasers will need to supply their own PC and monitor.

Leica - DMLB
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Leica DM LB Research Microscope Stand

Fluorescent Vertical Illuminator

X-Cite 120 Metal Halide Fluorescent Light Source

Liquid Light Guide (Collimator/Adapter requires replacement)

100W Halogen Illuminator

Binocular Phototube

N PLAN 10X/0.25


HCX PL APO 100X/1.4O-O.70 OIL W/Iris

PL FLUOTAR 40X/1.00-0.50 OIL W/Iris

2 Filter Cubes

Green Filter Set N2.1 BP 515-560, FT 580, LP 590

Blue Filter Set L5 BP480/40, FT 505, BP 527/30

C Mount Camera Adapter

Hamamatsu Orca-ER Model C4742-80-12AGCooled Monochrome Digital Camera

Hamamatsu Controller For Orca-ER

Hamamatsu Software
Leica - DMLB
Leica Type 020-519.010 LB30T upright research fluorescence microscope. Equipped with fluorescence light source (no power supply). Includes computer with MagnaFIRE software 2.1C.Includes 10x, 5x objectives, as well as N PLAN 20x Ph1, HCX PL FLUOTAR 40x. Equipped with HC PLAN S 10x/22 eyepieces.

Leica - DMLB
Eyepieces: 1) Leica HC PLAN s 10x/22 M. 2) Leica HC PLAN s 10x/22 M. Objectives: 1)Leica HCX PL APO 63x/1.32 Oil PH3 inf./0.17/D 2)Leica HCX PL APO 40x/0.85 Corr CS inf./0.11-0.23/C 3)Leica N PLAN 20x/0.40 PH1 inf./0.17/D 4)Leica N PLAN 10x/0.22/PH1 inf./-/A