General Description

Electronic 12-channel pipette, 10-200ul. The new BRAND Transferpette®-12 is an ergonomic, intuitive electronic multi-channel pipette for use in virtually all multi-well plate applications. Ergonomics Approved, User Friendly, User Tested. The innovative design features of the Transferpette-12, such as the adjustable finger-rest and V-tings on the tip cones helped it become the first pipette independently certified "Ergonomics Approved" by the prestigious TÜV testing service. Intuitive software and a comprehensive, easy-to-understand operating manual resulted in a certified "User Friendly" rating. Anonymous testing and rating by actual working bench technologists provided a "User Tested" endorsement. Reduced Tip Mounting and Ejection Forces. Distinctive "V-rings" on tip cones reduce tip-mounting and ejection forces and ensure the pipettes' compatibility with virtually all brands of universal tip, including new flexible tips and filter tips. Five Pipetting Modes for Better Productivity. This pipette includes five operating modes to help improve productivity and increase sample throughput: standard pipetting, sample mixing, reverse pipetting, dispensing, and gel loading. Innovative Gel Mode for Electrophoresis. The distinctive "gel" mode on the Transferpette electronic offers unique advantages to those loading electrophoresis gels. When operating in "gel" mode, liquids are dispensed at an extra-slow speed to avoid disrupting gels, and the volume being dispensed is displayed during dispensing. Whatever the set volume, if you release the pipetting key before all fluid is dispensed, the pipette indicates the actual volume dispensed. Autoclavable Manifold for Sterile Pipetting. Transferpette-12 electronic multichannel pipettes feature an easily removable manifold that is autoclavable for sterile applications. Autoclaving only the manifold protects instrument calibration and takes up less space in your autoclave. Replace Tip Cones Individually - In the Lab! The tip cones of the improved Transferpette-12 electronic may be removed and replaced individually for cleaning and repair in the lab. Compatible with most major brands and types of tips, including new flexible tips and filter tips. Ergonomic Design. The soft-touch pipetting key, adjustable finger-rest, and innovative tip cone minimize tip-mounting, operation, and tip-ejection forces.

Rainin - Transferpette-12