MACS MG 1000 Anaerobic Workstation

General Description

The MACS MG-1000 has a 1080 plate capacity and is constructed of rigid acrylic (6mm thick front panels, 10mm thick side panels). The panels are chloroform annealed, creating a uni-body construction capable of withstanding positive pressure well in excess of the 4 PSI maintained constantly by the system.

DW Scientific (Don Whitley Scientific LTD) - MACS MG 1000 Anaerobic Workstation
Complete User Manual included Approximate Dims External 95 inches x 30 inches x 70 (on stand), 32 1/2 inches ht w/out stand Internal chamber, working area approximately: 71 x 22 x 17 Dimension does not include ante-chamber, ~1'x1'x1'