General Description

The Nikon TMS-F is a Compact Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope found in Tissue Culture laboratories worldwide. It has special Long Working Distance Objectives which give excellent Phase Contrast Images while observing through thick plastic Petri Plates, Flasks and Multi-Well Plates. A phototube is built-in to allow documentation. It is compact and easy to maintain. Its low profile contributes to ergonomy while comfortably screening multiple plates on a bench. The TMS-F easily fits inside a safety hood if required.

Nikon - TMS-F
Objective lenses included:


10X/0.25 PH1 DL

20X/0.4 PH2 DL
Nikon - TMS-F
Nikon - TMS-F
Includes FX-35DX Camera and (4) objectives: E Plan 20/0.4 160/0.17 Ph2 Plan 20/0.40 DM 160/1.2 ELWD Ph1 Plan 10/0.30 DL 160/0.17 E. 4/0.10 160/-
Nikon - TMS-F
Eye Pieces: CFWE 10x/18 Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Ph1 and Ph2 Phase Rings
Nikon - TMS-F
Comes with a Nikon FX-35DX camera and four objectives: E Plan 20; Ph 2,Plan 20; Ph 1, Plan 10, E 4.
Nikon - TMS-F
Inverted microscope, Nikon TMS with the following items: -NIKON PhL Plan 4x/0.13 DL -NIKON Plan 10X/0.30 -NIKON Ph2 Plan 20X/0.40 DM -NIKON PHASE SLIDER WITH PH 1 & PH 2 & PH 3 PHASE RINGS -NIKON 10X/20 CFWN EYEPIECES
Nikon - TMS-F
Includes (4) objectives: 1) E. 4/0.10 160/- 2) E. 10/0.25 160/- Ph1 DL 3) E. 20/0.4 LWD 160/-1.2 Ph2 DL 4) E. 40/0.55 LWD 160/-1.2 Ph3 DL Also includes 0.3NA Phase Condenser, three-position phase contrast slider with PH1, 2, and 3 Annuli and built-in phototube. The special 40X long working distance phase objective and phototube will make this a valuable addition to any cell culture lab.
Nikon - TMS-F
Includes (3) objectives: 1) E. 4/0.10 160/- 2) E. 10/0.25 160/- Ph1 DL 3) E. 20/0.4 160/-1.2 Ph2 DL Also includes built-in phototube, 0.2NA Long Working Distance condenser, and phase contrast slider with PH1 and PH3 rings.
Nikon - TMS-F
Nikon - TMS-F
Price: $1,500