General Description

The Transgenomic WAVE® Fragment Collector Model FCW 200 enables fully automated purification of nucleic acids with the WAVE System. Nucleic acid samples collected by the FCW 200 meet high purity and sample concentration requirements for use in molecular genetic analyses and genomics. The dual plate FCW 200 enables fully automated fractionation and purification of ss- and dsDNA, RNA, and synthetic oligonucleotides with minimum sample loss and minimum cross contamination. The FCW 200 is controlled by both NAVIGATOR™ Software and WAVEMAKER™ Software enabling multiple modes for collection of nucleic acid fragments including: Minimum detection threshold above baseline with proprietary baseline drift compensation Time/eluant volume window around peak retention time Combined peak and threshold detection Positive and/or negative slope detection Combined slope and threshold detection User-defined collection time windows Design refinements in the FCW 200 include a proprietary flow drop control system that delivers: Minimum sample loss Minimum cross contamination Precise drop volume control Maximum sample concentration

Transgenomic - FCW-200