SCM1000-4 Sonic Man

General Description

The SonicMan High Performance Sonication System can be a stand alone instrument or easily incorporated into laboratory automation. Advantages of the SonicMan are the capability to shear DNA around selected band ranges with the resulting fragments being suitable for the sequencing of large genomes. The sonication process is simple and quick requiring no specialized reagents. SonicMan is an industry leader for a multitude of applications such as genetic material shearing, cell lysis, compound dissolution or formulation, tissue disruption, homogenization, and sample extraction.

Additional features:
- 96, 384, 1536 interchangeable disposable pinned lid technology
- Plate shuttle integrates directly with pick-and-place robotics
- Variable power settings from 1 - 1150 Watts
- Variable sonication time from 0.1 - 20 seconds
- Tube and plate sample preparation
- Scalable preparation
- Temperature control

Brooks Life Science Systems - SCM1000-4 Sonic Man
Price: $4,750