PHYTO-C Phytoplankton Analyzer

General Description

The Walz PHYTO-PAM is a pulse amplitude modulated fluorometer for measuring the photosynthetic behavior and light-adaptation states of green algae, diatoms, and cyanobacteria in natural surface waters and coastal seawater. It contains multiple miniature photomultiplier detectors for superior saturation pulse analysis, light curves, and induction curves.

Walz - PHYTO-C Phytoplankton Analyzer
Price: $7,999
This item is the FIBER option of the PHYTO-PAM series. It utilizes a PHYTO-EDF (emitter detector fiberoptics) unit to employ 4 LED measuring light sources (470 nm, 520 nm, 645 nm, 665 nm), an actinic LED light source (655 nm), and a photomultiplier detector. The detector uses a long-pass filter set (710 nm or greater) to produce readings with minimal background noise.