General Description

This is a complete Olympus MVX10 ZOOM FLUORESCENCE MACRO SYSTEM. The MVX10 is a system for viewing fluorescence in whole organisms or large tissue samples. With a single objective lens it allows for a Zoom factor of 1:10 providing macro to micro viewing of the specimen with the same instrument. It can bridge the magnification ranges of stereomicroscopes and compound microscopes. The MVPLAPO 2X Objective included provides Fields of View from 17.6 to 1.7 mm. Its Single Zoom Optical Path, Optimized Optical Components and High Numerical Aperture Planapochromatic Objective Lens produce up to 10 times the fluorescent intensity of a stereomicroscope. It is an ideal system for Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurosciences or any researcher interested in the impact of Gene Expression and Protein function from the Cellular level through Tissues to Entire Organisms. Organisms such as C. elegans, Drosophila, Zebrafish, Xenopus, Mouse and Plants like Arabidopsis can be easily studied with this instrument system.

This particular system comes with fluorescent filter cubes for FITC/GFP, CY5 and RHODAMINE plus a Reflected Light Brightfield set. It utilizes a Chroma Photofluor II light source with special metal halide lamp. This system is brighter at most visible wavelengths than a 100W Mercury source and its bulbs are rated to last for about 1500 hours. It also maintains very stable output over time as opposed to mercury lamps which can lose 50% of their intensity by 100 hours. No lamp alignment is necessary. Light is delivered to the microscope by a very efficient liquid light guide eliminating the heat produced by other light sources. This is a great advantage when dealing with live specimens. The Liquid Light Guide also ensures Homogeneous Illumination.

Images are displayed and captured by a Diagnostic Instruments Spot Flex Deep Cooled Monochrome Camera with Pixel Shifting capabilities. This camera allows for excellent low light level fluorescent imaging with minimal noise. The large format chip makes best use of the wide field of view of the system. It has pixel shifting technology capable of producing images with resolution of up to 64 Megapixels. This essential for displaying high quality images while working at low magnifications and very wide fields of view. The system comes complete with Computer, Monitor and Imaging Software.

Olympus - MVX10
MVX10 Zoom Body 1:10 Zoom Ratio (0.63X-6.30X)

MVPLAPO 2X Objective

SZX2-FOFH Heavy Load Coarse/Fine Focus Unit

MVX-RFA Fluorescence Vertical Illuminator

4 Filter cubes with FITC/GFP, Cy5, Rhodamine and Reflected Light Brightfield Filter Sets

Adapter for Liquid Light Guide

Chroma Photofluor II 200W Metal Halide Light Source

Liquid Light Guide

Large Stereomicroscope Stand with Upright Column and Heavy Granite Base Plate

MVX-TLU Tube Lens

Diagnostic Instruments Spot Flex Deep Cooled Digital Microscope Camera Model 15.0 64Mp Pixel Shifting W/O IR

Spot Imaging Software

Dell Studio XPS Computer

Dell Monitor