Quattro Ultima

General Description

The Micromass Quattro Ultima is a high-performance benchtop triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. This instrument is ideal for routine LC/MS/MS operation and can be coupled with various instruments. For this particular instrument, ionization takes places in the source at atmospheric pressure, are passed through a series of orifices into the first quadrupole, and separated according to their m/z ratio. These ions then undergo collision induced decomposition and mass analyzed by the second quadruple. Then the signal of the transmitted ions is detected by a photomultiplier detection system and the signal is then amplified, digitized and presented to the MassLynx NT data system.

The Micromass Quattro Ultima achieves vacuum using two direct drive rotary pumps and two turbo molecular pumps. Like many mass spectrometers, ionization is achieved through an APCI and an ESI source. This system can also be modulated to operate with a nanoflow electrospray ionization source. Further, the Quattro Ultima features various MS and MS-MS operating modes:

· MS operating Modes- MS1 mode, analogous to using a single quadruple mass spectrometer, and MS2 mode, when rapidly switching between MS and MS-MS operation. This mode is also useful for instrument tuning and calibration prior to MS-MS analysis and for fault diagnosis.

· MS-MS Operating Modes: Daughter Ion Spectrum, Parent Ion Spectrum, Multiple Reaction Monitoring, and Constant Neutral Loss Spectrum. The Micromass Quattro Ultima utilizes the MassLynx NT software to control the mass spectrometer detector, and, if applicable, the HPLC system, autosampler, syringe pump, divert valve, or injector valve.

All of these operating modes and software capabilities work in conjunction to make the Quattro Ultima a powerful and versatile tool that can be used in various research environments and can be modulated to fit your laboratory research needs.

Micromass - Quattro Ultima
Comes with Micromass Quattro, computer, NM20ZA Nitrogen Generator, and CFT-25 Recirculating Chiller. Includes the cart if desired.