MZ125 Microscope

General Description

The LEICA MZ12.5 is a High Performance Research Grade Stereomicroscope with unsurpassed Resolution, Image Contrast and Sharpness. It incorporates Principles of Ergonomy, Contoured Shapes and Antistatic Materials to promote Comfort and Convenience. It offers an Extremely Wide Zoom Range of 12.5:1. With the Plan 1X Objective Lens and 10X Widefield Eyepieces outfitted it provides magnifications from 8X to 100X. The Coaxial Coarse/ Fine Focusing Mechanism allows for you to easily achieve Sharp Focus at High Magnifications. 12 Positive Positions with Engageable Click Stops are incorporated into the Zoom Control in case you require Repeatable Magnifications for Measurement or Quality Control. It is mounted on a Large Brightfield/ Darkfield Transmitted Light Illumination Base designed for Operator Comfort. The stand is designed to stay cool for both operator and specimens. This instrument is in Superb Condition except for a damaged clear glass stage plate which will require replacement.

Leica - MZ125 Microscope
Includes spare lamps as pictured. Glass Stage Plate cracked as pictured.