HM 335 E

General Description


Microm - HM 335 E
Microm - HM 335 E Benchtop Microtome
For routine sectioning of paraffin-embedded specimens. A power assisted rotary microtome for paraffin sectioning in clinical, industrial, and research labs. Automatic micro/macro motorized feed system with pre-selectable fine or trim feed via a unique knob control. Knife retraction during return travel can be turned off. Unit features motorized course feed, clearly designed controls, and integrated section waste tray. Among the series of power assisted microtomes, the HM 335 E features enhanced ergonomy providing optimum operator comfort. Knife moves toward the specimen with a section thickness range from 1 to 25µm. Trim thickness ranges from 5 to 250µm.
Microm - HM 335 E Benchtop Microtome