API 4000

General Description

The AB Sciex API 4000 is a high performance mass spectrometer designed to deliver precision and flexibility in quantitation and identification for a wide spectrum of LC flow rates. This platform offers superior gas dynamics which serve to increase uptime while simultaneously reducing maintenance needs. For providing enhanced productivity and high throughput, the system offers optimized high flow rate performance, reduced ionization suppression, a self-cleaning probe design, and an intuitive interface.

In order to allow for low detection limits, the API 4000 is designed for maximum sensitivity. This is accomplished via efficient ionization and advanced ion sampling of the interface. For flexibility, users are able to quantitate over a range of flow rates and can easily switch between probes (e.g. APCI and TurboIonSpray). The system can be configured with additional probe options for expanding method development ability, throughput capability, data quality, and compound range. Standard configurations for the instrument are fitted with a pulse counting channel electron multiplier (CEM) detector. Data acquisition is made simple and efficient with innovative automated software that allows for maximum data gathering in a single run.

Applied Biosystems - API 4000
With HTS PAL, 1200 Series Degasser,Bin Pump SL,Tray and Computer.
Applied Biosystems - API 4000

Applied Biosystems API 4000

  • DOM 2005
  • Includes ESI and APCI sources.

    DATA ACQUISITION WORKSTATION W/ GPIB Dell Precision Computer 370 Computer 3.2 GHZ, 1GB RAM, Windows XP Professional PCI GPIB communications card.

    System includes:

  • Analyst Software 1.6.1
  • Line Transformer
  • One rough pump – Galileo HS602
  • Planned Maintenance Procedure Performed 10/10 2014

    Applied Biosystems - API 4000 LC/MS/MS System