3500 Genetic Analyzer

General Description

The Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer is an eight capillary electrophoresis system designed for high performance fragment analysis and resequencing applications. With a throughput of up to 424 samples per day and the ability to upgrade from 8 to 24 capillaries, this platform provides the utmost in efficiency while still maintaining excellent flexibility. Specifically designed to support the performance requirements of both validation and process-controlled environments, the 3500 model represents the highest standard in capillary electrophoresis.

Configured with powerful software, data quality is ensured thanks to enhanced signal uniformity from instrument to instrument, run to run, and capillary to capillary. Intelligent hardware, combined with a powerful algorithm, provides reliability and consistency in the range of signal peak heights obtained across multiple instruments in the 3500 series. For improved sizing precision, a thermal subsystem design improves performance in even the most demanding fragment analysis applications. In this way, sizing precision is enhanced compared to previous generations of capillary electrophoresis platforms.

Data collection with the 3500 Genetic Analyzer is user-friendly and intuitive, with simple dashboard navigation and easy to read displays. With this interface, users can clearly monitor the state of consumables and schedule maintenance protocols. Additionally, plate setup is simplified, as is built in primary analysis and quality control. Data can thus be evaluated for quality without having to export to secondary platforms or software packages.

For unsurpassed durability, the unit is fitted with a single line 505 nm solid state laser, which works with a standard power supply so that so heat removal ducting is required. Samples are run in a 96 well plate format with 36cm50cm capillary lengths. The system has a 15 amp limit, with electrophoresis voltage limits up to 20 kV.

Applied Biosystems - 3500 Genetic Analyzer
Applied Biosystems - 3500 Genetic Analyzer