Centra GP8R

General Description

Thermo IEC Centra GP8R bench top refrigerated centrifuge. Features a microprocessor control and digital display. Runs are fully automatic and unit stores up to 35 custom programs for reproducible runs. Has max speed of 5100 RPM and max force of 4550 x g. Has max capacity of 4 x 750 mL and can hold a max of 148 x 5 mL tubes. Temperature range from -5 to 40 degrees C.

Thermo IEC - Centra GP8R
Includes swinging bucket rotor as pictured - with two 6 slot 50-mL adapters & two 12 slot 15-mL adapters
Thermo IEC - Centra GP8R
Includes a swinging bucket rotor (IEC 216 ), buckets (#316), and inserts (4x15mL and 2x50mL).
Thermo IEC - Centra GP8R
2 buckets contain inserts for 12 test tubes each. The other 2 buckets contain inserts for 5 falcon tubes each.
Thermo IEC - Centra GP8R
Tabletop centrifuge. With swinging bucket rotor, buckets, and inserts.