Genome Analyzer IIx

General Description

The Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx is a high performance next-generation screening platform. This instrument is designed for genetic analysis and functional genomics, offering exceptional flexibility and convenience for a range of high throughput applications. While providing an unparalleled combination of read length and read number (2 x 150 bp reads and more than 640 million reads per flow cell), the system impressively maintains high quality data generation (yield greater than 85% of bases higher than Q30 at 2 x 50 bp). It is also incredibly flexible, enabling users to conduct studies of the genome, epigenome, and trascriptome and to characterize genome variants on the broadest spectrum (including those with short and long insert paired end reads with insert sizes from 200 bp to 5 kb).

With the Illumina Genome AnalyzerIIx, efficiency is always optimized. The system ensures a simple and rapid workflow for even high throughput sequencing applications, with as many as a dozen multiplexed samples isothermally amplified (in each channel of the 8-channel flow cell) in under four hours. Additionally, sample libraries take only a few hours to prepare, and clonal clusters are generated automatically via the integrated cBot cluster generation system. For further convenience of use, the architecture of the instrument creates a self-contained system that diminishes handling errors and contamination concerns while also circumventing the need for emulsion PCR. Sample input requirements are minimal (as little as 100 ng), allowing for sample with limited availability to go a longer way (e.g. small model systems). This platform supports a broad range of applications including, but not limited to:

- whole genome resequencing

- candidate region resequencing

- transcriptome analysis

- small RNA discovery

- methylation profiling

- genome-wide protein/nucleic acid interaction analysis

Illumina - Genome Analyzer IIx
Price: $5,999
Illumina - Genome Analyzer IIx
Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx Next Generation Solexa Sequencer. System refurbished in 9/2011.
System includes Genome Analyzer IIx main system, PEM IIx Paired End Module.
Includes Dell Precision T7500 computer with Genome Analyzer Pipeline 1.4, CASAVA Software 1.7, and Illumina Sequencing Control Software (SCS)