General Description

The MDS Sciex CellKey is a high throughput secondary screening system ideal for drug discovery based research. Designed to provide label-free analysis for real-time cell-based assays, this platform allows users to measure the activation levels for endogenous cell surface receptors in live cells. The resulting data can then be used to identify the coupling mechanism of unknown receptors.

With cellular dielectric spectroscopy (CDS) technology, the need for fluorescent or radio labeled markers is negated from the workflow. In this way, assay development is simplified. The measurement system of the CDS is impedance-based, providing data that is more biorelevant than other comparable cellular screening systems. With a highly specified pathway response profile, users can more readily evaluate receptor signaling pathways, providing a more comprehensive characterization of the mechanism of action for both receptors and compounds. Qualities such as these make the CellKey and invaluable research tool, particularly for drug discovery applications.

This powerful system can measure a wide variety of targets in a single assay format, including:

- all families of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) - tyrosine kinase receptors (TKRs) - adhesion molecules - ligand gated ion channel activation

MDS Sciex - CellKey
Includes computer loaded with CellKey version 1.2.