PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer

General Description

The Perkin Elmer PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer is a leader in mass spectrometry that improves success rates and productivity related to proteomics research by increasing the identification rates of proteins via peptide mass fingerprinting technology. This model was developed by MDS SCIEX and Perkin Elmer in a joint collaboration and is the first MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer made commercially available and featuring collisional cooling alongside orthogonal technology. Due to the high level of quality and accuracy, improved instrument durability and stability, high resolution and coverage over a wide mass range, the Perkin Elmer PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer leads its class in quality and value.

High levels of accuracy and complete identification of proteins also help reduce the need for peptide sequencing via complicated techniques of spectrometry. Some key benefits of the The Perkin Elmer PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer model include:

· Highly accurate protein identification: through patented orthogonal TOF (MALDI O-TOF), this model achieves increased levels of mass discrimination between peptide samples and optimal identification of protein mixtures

· No need for continuous optimization or internal calibration because of the stable platform setup (both across the target plate and between the wells)

· Easy setup for routine operational procedures

· Increased dynamic range with sub-femtomole detection capabilities

· Single software platform offering key integration qualities

· Excellent resolution

System Functionality Features:

· Users can obtain accurate mass determination covering molecular weights over a wide range

· Samples are delivered via stainless steel plates and single-use MALDIchip targets plates, ranging from 96 to 1536 wells, allowing for greater sampling flexibility

· The one time use MALDIchip targets virtually eliminate concerns with sample contamination and aid in archiving samples

· Ease of operability is apparent using TOFworks, a workflow-based platform that promotes streamlined processes and information management techniques from beginning to end, all the way from sample collection through the data analysis phase.

· System capabilities for unattended batch analyses make for seamless workflow and convenience

· Integration available for use with MALDI spotting robotic systems via the standard microplate footprint targets

· Full integration of functions

· Real-time, viewable sample imaging via screens

The Perkin Elmer PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer uses orthogonal injection technology to bring in samples of ions from a MALDI source to a reflectron TOF mass spectrometer. The end results and system performance capabilities are notably different to conventional axial systems in MALDI-TOF. This model boasts excellent resolution that can be achieved at much higher masses (such as intact proteins) and makes the system very helpful in proteomic applications involving a wide mass range of biopolymers.

Perkin Elmer - PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer
Includes computer, monitor, and accessories.