Evotec Opera

General Description

The Perkin Elmer Evotec Opera is a high content screening platform designed for confocal fluorescent imaging. This highly touted system is specifically tailored to provide speed and sensitivity for high throughputs, and offers the utmost in flexibility for meeting the requirements of a range of applications. Additionally, the Opera offers convenient automation capabilities and is also scalable, making it the ideal platform for both primary and secondary screening.

The parallel multicolor image acquisition and data processing capabilities of the unit are optimized for rapid results, allowing users to process more than 100,000 image sets each day. Despite this speed, the Opera does not sacrifice quality, providing only the highest resolution images with complete reliability. The imaging technology of the unit utilizes laser-base excitation and a Nipkow spinning disc that is enhanced by a microlens to provide true point-scan confocality. As such, background fluorescence is negated and signal to noise performance is improved. Additionally, photobleaching and phototoxicity are minimized, making it a perfect screening platform for live cell assays. With superior resolution provided by fully automated NA water immersion objectives and multi-parameter detection in four colors, the Opera is unsurpassed in image quality and reliability.

For enhanced efficiency, the system can also be integrated with any number of robotics solutions (including liquid and plate handling, incubation, and washing) that bolster workflow automation and maximize throughput. It is also incredibly flexible, capable of supporting any high content screening application ranging from the very simple to the most complex and is well suited for both live cell and fixed cell applications. Kinetic measurements can be captured in seconds (as in Calcium Flux assays, for example) or over long periods (as in multiple days, for Cell Cycle assays), and analysis capabilities enable users to study cell behavior, size, shape, and texture. Experimental control is further broadened with comprehensive environmental control of CO2, humidity, and temperature.

Data processing and analysis are supported by user friendly software, and an open architecture design means that advanced users can custom create their own algorithms and assays. Data export is convenient and versatile, enabling automated, batch, and third party export for further analysis with the utmost efficiency. Offering superior speed, flexibility, and versatility, the Perkin Elmer Evotec Opera is the ideal solution for any and all high throughput screening applications.

Perkin Elmer - Evotec Opera
Perkin Elmer Evotec Opera for Confocal Fluorescent Imaging. The Evotec Opera is designed for confocal fluorescence with multiple channels (405, 488, 532 and 635 nm) or non-confocal fluorescence (360 nm UV lamp). Equipped with 20x, 40x or 60x lenses. Examples of assays done with the Opera include detection of changes in cell shape, cell size, or sub-cellular localization of a specific protein.