Multipep RS

General Description

The MultiPep RS by Invatis is a peptide synthesizing unit. This system functions with automated PC-controlled pipetting and offers a variety of configurations to fulfill the scale needs of many different applications. Specifically, this instrument is engineered for peptide synthesis on a small scale, with the standard configuration, called the Plate Module, providing as many as 384 (96 x 4 wells) peptides at a 1 to 10 micromole scale (often on a scale of 5 micromoles). Peptide synthesis occurs in disposable 96-well filter-plates or in single columns. Activation of amino acid solutions is achieved with the use of activator/base solutions prior to distribution.

For larger scale applications, users can upgrade to the Column Module which synthesizes peptides at a scale of 25 to 100 micromoles on resin in 72 individual columns, or 100 micromoles in 36 columns with Fmoc chemistry. Cleavage from the resin is made simple with the ability to manage each column individually during processing. Helping increase synthesis output and quality, optional orbital shaking and heating accessories enable high purity synthesis of complex peptide sequences at increased temperatures.

SPOT synthesis is possible with the optional SPOT Module, a configuration that automates array synthesis on four membranes. This protocol is utilized to propagate increased quantities of different peptides on cellulose membranes, a process which is accomplished via the replicated deposition of activated amino acids on unique filter sheets. Automation of this process provides maximum convenience, and as many as 2400 spots can be defined on the four membranes.

A fourth optional configuration of the MultiPep RS is the CelluSpots Module, which allows the user to conduct synthesis for CelluSpot peptide arrays. Synthesis of peptides occurs on specific disks, with each disk allocated to an individual well in a holding frame. As many as 768 peptides can be synthesized concurrently on a pair of holding frames inserted into the MultiPep RS unit.

To maintain precision and reliability across these different scales, volumes for both reagents and solvents are moderated by a single probe that aliquots reagents to each well based on the designated chemical parameters. Protocols are predefined for all scales to ensure the optimization of reaction chemistry. For liquid handling, a vacuum mechanism situated at the base of the module draws reagents from the wells while an eight channel dispensing head, fixed with a solvent pump, is used for fast washing protocols. With the ability to upgrade and interchange between four different modules, the Invatis MultiPep RS is a powerful and versatile platform ideal for meeting the synthesis scale requirements of a variety of peptide synthesis investigations.

Intavis - Multipep RS
Includes a laptop computer/software.