General Description

The GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB 18-1103-71 Column performs chromatographic media separations while maintaining sterility. This column is designed for practical operation as well as efficiency, making it ideal for process development or pharmaceutical applications. An integrated single screw adapter means the column is easy to pack and run, and the scalability of the column means it is extremely flexible. The column itself is constructed from calibrated precision glass and stainless steel to minimize attachment and growth of microbes or cleaning agents such as ethanol and sodium hydroxide. Surfaces are also smooth to maximize hygiene, and all materials are compatible with common solvents. It is capable of accommodating high flow rates, and the pressure specifications in conjunction with low flow resistance are sufficient for applications in ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and affinity and gel chromatography. Overall, this is an incredibly efficient and convenient chromatography column, combining high yields and purity with optimal flexibility. The column is also compatible with various accessories for added versatility, including air traps, pressure relief and safety valves, and manometers.

This model of the GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB 18-1103-71 Column has a diameter of 450 mm and a maximum tube height of 500 mm, giving it a volume of approximately 80 liters. It has a porosity of 10 um, 12 um, 23 um, and 54 um, and its maximum operating pressure is 2.5 bar (36.25 psi).

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB - 18-1103-71