API 5000 Triple Quad Mass Spec

General Description

The Applied Biosystems API 5000 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is ideal for quantitative analyses of small molecular weight compounds and includes a Turbo V ion source, a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and the Analyst data analysis software. Designed to be one of the most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, the API 5000 system can deliver the lowest limits of detection for the most strenuous studies. Experience linearity over a dynamic range and high sensitivity for quantitation of low concentration of compounds in highly complex solvents.

Achieve expert results on the first try with the API 5000. In addition to being one of the most powerful triple quadropole mass spectrometers in the market, the API 5000 is also very easy to use. Researchers can utilize automated method development so that it is easy for the end user to get the answers that they need. Additionally, performing simple routine maintenance, even if you are new to mass spectrometry, helps to extend the lifespan of the instrument. Engineered for continued operation, the API 5000 is the perfect fit for unattended high-throughput operation laboratory setups. The full suite of automation features allows this system to fit effortlessly into your daily workflow with minimal user intervention.

The mass spectrometer has a series of quadrupole filters that transmit ion based on their charge to mass ratio. The API 5000 can be configured to analyze both +ve & -ve ions (positive & negative ion polarity modes) and the Turbo V ion source has two ionization modes (ESI & APCI). The ground-breaking Turbo V ion source can ionize compounds and essentially do away with cross-contamination, even with large sample loads. Proudly supporting embedded ceramic heater technology and better gas dynamics, the Turbo V ion source helps contribute to the system's high sensitivity and low detection limits. The triple quadrupole systems are usually configured to operate in the MRM scan mode. The API 5000 is one of the most robust and versatile high-throughput systems that has helped to shape and define the industry in terms of quantitative performance.

Applied Biosystems - API 5000 Triple Quad Mass Spec
Complete Applied Biosystems / AB Sciex API 5000 triple quad mass spec system.
Includes computer/software loaded with Analyst 1.6
System includes:
Mass Spectrometer: API 5000 with QJet Ion Guide and LINAC Collision Cell. Equipped with Turbo V Ion Source (1025134 D). Equipped with 2 HS602 Pumps.

Computer System: Dell Precision 390 computer system with Analyst software. System includes user manuals and documentation as shown.