Cellometer Vision

General Description

The Nexcelom Cellometer Vision is an image cytometer. This ssytem utilizes the simplicity of image cytometry with the power of flow analysis software that provides simple, yet powerful, cell based assays. It is able to utilize a small sample size of 20uL for cell-based assays, it is able to provide nucleated cell counting and viability without lysing, and a wide variety of fluorescent cell based assays such as : apoptosis, autophagy, cell proliferation, cell cycle, GFP, RFP, YFP, mitochondrial potential, multi-drug resistance, surface marker analysis, and vitality among others. The Nexcelom Cellometer Vision Software provides the tools that enables automated data output to pre-set layouts for individual cell-based assays. This is a very powerful and very versatile system that can enhance and can be accommodated to ones research needs.

Nexcelom - Cellometer Vision
This unit uses a 10x objective lens (for yeast, algae, platelet counting, etc) and has a 535nm (F101) and 595nm (F202) filter.